- Russian-English Short Conversation Book of Colloquial Expressions and Slang

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堠 How do you do! How d'y!

򠠠 Hullo! Hi! Hail!

 Good man!

Well met!

-, ! Holy cats! Well met!

! (! !) ! Hubba-hubba! That's you!

, Hey, boy

, ꠠ Hey, kiddo

, , Hey, geezer

, ꠠ Hey, guy

, 蠠 Hey, guys

, , ࠠ Hey, honey, hon

,  Hey, cookie, bunny

, ࠠ Hey, baby

, Hey, buddy

, ࠠ Hey, buzzard

 Good morning

( 16.00) Good aftenoon

𠠠 Good evening

蠠 Good night

? How are things? (How are you getting on?)

? What's news?

? What do you know?

? What are you going?

? What the hell are you doing here?

? What has gone down?

(, ) Where do you hail from?

? Where are you belting now?

? Are you all right? (quite well?)

? Why are you (so) bugged?

- ? You're all pissed-off you're in the


(, You've got a kisser all pissed-off

, ) ? (cut-up)

ࠠ I'm dog-sick. I'm dog-tired

I'm dead-creased (Clapper!)

I'm dog-sick

() I've got a hard-line

The weather sucks

Time hangs heavy

() It gets me down

Got troubles (crackups, fair-cows)

aplenty. (God a can of worms)


ࠠ Dullsville, yawn

(I've) Got the bummer

I'm flaking out

ꠠ I'm off my feed. I've the blans.

I'm down. I get it down.

Don't bug me. Stop bugging me.

()? You still got the blahs

? Shall I walk you part way?

? Where are you snailing?

? Where are you shuffling?

蠠 I'm already partway home

頠 Don't latch on me

蠠 Get lost

( -) Piss off. Fuck off. Off you go. Be off.

Off with you. Get off. Get out (of here).

Hand on.

? Where'll we go?

? Where are you going to make tracks for?

( ) No matter. Anything goes.

- , 堠 I've thought you've got a fat-city

頠 You always handloose

? You've got your horn broken?

, I've called you to jaw

, I've called you to dish

, I've called you to swop lies

It gets me down to answer

堠 And all that jazz

ࠠ Give me a tinkle tomorrow

? What time is it now?

? How goes the enemy?

I must be off (I must be going now)

I had it on the tip of my tongue

() I've missed a train (a bus)

High time we hared off. (It's the most on

time to belt)

I'm in a hurry

( , ) Calm down. (Come on, forget it)

 O'kay. All right. Deal.

렠 That's just what I thought

! Crickey! Godd grief!

Agree. Well. Deal.

젠 Deal. Snake on it

? Planning something?

! Still dishing your friends?

, ! , ? Hey, buzzard, are you cloth-eared?

, ! Hey, cloth-ears!

- , 堠 Didn't get a load of what you said


-, ? Come again! Come on, I've missed it.

p ! I'm sizzling.

! You have a case. Cert. Cinch.

, ? Didn't you pair (with somebody)

! Not a snap!

p (p)! That's my sib.

? What's he like?

The same about me. So do I.

 Thank you. Thanks.

堠 Sorry. Beg your pardon. Pard me.

堠 It's all right (with me)

! Keen. Cool. Gas. Funky. Nuts.

() Regards to your buddies (folks)

? Am I not late?

򠠠 My clock is slow.

蠠 The clock has stopped.

󠠠 You've come on the dot.

젠 Things are humming.

I've left to stretch my legs.

󠠠 Hard sweating such a hot weather.

! ! It's fall out!

ꠠ Fiddler, cake-eater

򠠠 Fink

Ding-a-ling, dingbat, shizzy, gonzo.

ꠠ Geek

堠 Poor fish, gimpy

, ࠠ Gormless, dumdum

, 蠠 Dropout

, ࠠ Drip, wimp

ꠠ Cod

Drug-taker, druggy, drugster

젠 Goop

頠 Chowderhead, guilty big

, ࠠ Butch

, 𠠠 Greep, clutch, con(-man)

頠 Cross-eyed

頠 Cross-eyed, flacky, lame-brain

ࠠ Goof-Ball

򠠠 Near the bone, niggard

ꠠ Burnt-out

, ࠠ Hotcha, bint, wimp

, 頠 Cussed

Crud, scumbag

Dead-neck, block-head, gork, feeb

, 砠 Cookie-pusher

Clonk. Noodle

ꠠ Goof-off

頠 Bone-idle

ࠠ Bitch

Son of a bitch

렠 Sucker, motherfucker

Paisano, gook, funky type, one-eye

ࠠ Prune, yawn

Cluck, crackey, crack-brained

ࠠ Clueless, yo-yo

, , ꠠ Kisser, puss

 Pushy

, 頠 Gay, fag, faggot, poovey, nancy

頠 Cool, keen, out-ofsight, gas, funkey

ꠠ Sharpie, tough guy

, , ࠠ Cookie, floosie, bint


-, ꠠ Goose

( ) Good riddance

()! That's a crock!

That's your bead


젠 Flackey

( ) Hang on

, ⠠ Flipping, fucking

ꠠ Chaser, banger, easy-rider, fast-worker

Off day

I lot on you. I rely on you.

! You've left me in the lurch

It's a (real) pity

(, ) See you (later, tomorrow)

ࠠ So long, bye

Godd bye, bye-bye

? When shall we cross (meet)?

򠠠 Spare me two minutes

... I would like (I'd like)

? Are you free tomorrow

? Free this evening?

! You're cool! (kenn, tough)

! You're a strange dude!

ࠠ To mop around, to loll around, to nop

about, to screw around, to fuck around,

to lounge about, to lop about.

堠 To have a fat-city (To be in clover)

堠 To be in the cold

To get eye popped (bugged) with surprise

, To go/get banana, to go gaga, to go

coocoo, to be off one'conk

ࠠ He doesn't have all his buttons

, To phone, to make a call, to give a

tinkle, to give a buzz, to make a buzz 󠠠 To go with a swing To overdo


? Have a toddle?

, Yeap, decided to take a walk. (to stroll

a little)

? Have a date? (Date somebody)?

? Have been waiting long for me?

 Quite a bit

蠠 Wrong time you pick to saunter

󠠠 That sucking (fucking) weather is a kink

for shuffling (snailing)

! ! Crap! The most on weather!

, , ࠠ Crap. Stuff. Dogshit. Bullshit.

Horseshit. Shit.

- . 蠠 You, half-assed, you could take a mush.


() 젠 A helluva gook around.

! 堠 Watch your step, you, hulky.


! ! Shit, you've caked me with mud

! That's a good and grotty day!

򠠠 Yeah, fucking grungy

! Cut it off. (Stop kvetching)

젠 You've niggled me up belly-aching on me.

(Got me down elegizing on me).

You get on my nerves

! Bell up. Shut up. Keep your clapper shut.

Wrap it up. Keep your tongue. Keep your mouth shut.

? You've blown your cool for piece of cake.

() You've got a miff for nothing.

! Just a helluva people around (here)

, 砠 I was near kicking off bulling through the


- 렠 What a sucker cupped my gam!

頠 Don't get (be) in a flap

() You're too much flappable. (high strung)

, ꠠ Bite (on) the bullet

() I wanted to chuff you up (to cheer you up)

젠 Come on, let's have a smoke

Got only a burnt (butt-end, cig-end) left

-ࠠ I want to spend a penny

 I'm taken short

I need to take a leak

? You know any lav (john, head, craphouse)


, , , ꠠ Lav, lavatory, double, john, head, crap-

house, hole

? Are you all right

? See that bint over there?

, ()? That one, with a backkomb?

ࠠ She's (good and) hatrack

, ࠠ Another one, asshole

! Painted girl. (Beddable. Hotcha.)

, ! Not half a bad smasher

蠠 Pipe-stem legs

 But look at that buns and tits

ࠠ She's got (such a) pixy-cut

堠 Such a hooter she has

She drives me nuts (banana). She's an


󠠠 I've got a hard-on

() ? Got horny?

? Wanna have a bash at her?

She bashes all right

(.) Cunt, pussy

(.) Cock, prick, rod, fallos

, ꠠ Macho

ࠠ Pro, whore, baggage, drab, easy-meat,

(street)-walker, trull, harlot, hussy, loose fish, mopsy, slut, rig, doxy, wench, minx,punk, strumpet, trollop

ࠠ She's bedashed me

You've had a boob

ࠠ She gave you a good noser

ࠠ You took a lot of flack

, , 砠 This time, old buddy, you dropped a


- You gang up with dogs like that any time

I see you

You only fart around with that gaggle.

𠠠 (You only fribble your time)

That's a helluva blow to my ego

I don't care a damn (a fig)(about it)

- 򠠠 Don't touch dirt some will rub off

? ꠠ Have you a dime? Gotta make a buzz.


() You always hustle (for) a dime.

? Did you get them?

ࠠ No dice

 Line is busy

, , 𠠠 Guis, donna wanna dump in (butt in)

........ ? Where is .......... street?

......... How can I get to ..........

堠 Three blocks down the street

(, )- Take a bus (trolleybus, subway). Get off

at the fifth stop

? What then?

ࠠ Go to the corner (Keep going to the


() Take a right (left) corner (Turn to the

right, left)

....... Go all the way down to ... and change the


 Go straight

You get lost (You've lost your way)

- 堠 Ask someone else

- 렠 Ask me another

렠 Turn a corner

ࠠ It's a good way from here

젠 Just round the corner

⠠ Just on that (on the other) side (of the


󠠠 It's (just) across the street

Only a brick throw from here

It's within hailing distance

? You know (remember) the way?

! Hurry up!

? Maybe we'll take a banger (cab,taxi).

(What about taking a banger)?

젠 At least once we can do the grand

... 頠 Well be out by ... roubles (bucks)


Think big

, No, not this beat-up jalopy (crock)

() Hear the engine chunks

It will crack (conk out) soon

, ? Hackie, you free?

, 堠 Hey, guv, make it snappy

() That's back of beyond

! Flat out!

! Peel out!

堠 That's a bunching (jam) on the street

! ! ! Cheezit!

頠 He drives like the clappers (He zings

like mad)

,  Honcho, now forward

렠 Round the corner

렠 Cut the corner

You (would) better give a tip-off in (on)


렠 He's braked cold (clean)(He stopped cold)

󠠠 Hunky. (On the dot)

蠠 Think that's a good tip

堠 Tip

? Five will do?

 Deal (O'Kay)

 Too much. (Fat for you. Finger).

? Let's go by bus (take a bus)

젠 We'll crash to bus

䠠 I was bumped

(, Overcrowded bus (tram, trolleybus)


 Underground, subway, tube

䠠 Train

Car (carriage)

堠 Compartment

? What's the fare?

ꠠ To sound (give) the horn. To horn.

堠 To park a car

ࠠ Parking-lot. Lot.

( , ..) To conk out, to go out, to prang out of

wack, to fritz (out)

ࠠ No parking

ꠠ Cross

렠 Brock. Town.

() Right/left hang traffic (one-way

堠 right/left)

? Do buses run here?

? Is here a stop nearby?

 Spare (vacant) place

 Taken place

ࠠ Driver's licence

򠠠 Cop

, ꠠ Anchor

ࠠ Had a funky (dishy) bach yesterday.

? Where?

󠠠 My pad

蠠 Boosed-up, I think

! ! Sure. Had a ball, real hell-around

I've blown my mind

蠠 Did (Had) a lot of (a helluva) babbling

(jaw-jaw, by-talk, load of cobblers)

with guys.

 Had a fucking lot (a helluva) juice


蠠 Did a mike

蠠 (We) played the zany (faked off)

- Got to kill the time (to kill the enemy,

to tribble the time) sometimes

蠠 Watched some blue

ࠠ There was a bump of bints

-? Banged any?

, 렠 Cheezit! Some could got a click

, ! ! No dice. I had connie.

頠 I got loaded and sacked out on the first

堠 dot at hand

() What did your convives got into?


蠠 Hit the hay afther another

() We've busted up only in the morning

㠠 Complete gasser

ࠠ I was (about) round the bend. (I was off


? Why didn't you call in?

( 堠 I was in the dumps


堠 I run (fall) afoul of your buddies

! They don't count

(You) Got a fit of the mops today

頠 You're as real hardball

(堠 I'm fed to teeth (up to the neck) by this

) balls (bashes)

 I feel mean in such hell-holes (dens)

, As you like

- Drop in, to cut it short

𠠠 I've a hairdown to you

( )

, ࠠ Your pad is a funny-farm (bin)


- ( -) To band smb, to fuck smb, to screw smb, to score with smb, to have a lay with smb, to ball smb

() Diafragm, condom, connie, scumbag

() Blow-fish, blow-job, sixty-nine

񠠠 Ass talk

젠 Handjob

 By-talk, jaw-jaw, babbling, a load of

cobblers, chat

! ! Chill. I don't care (a fig, a damm)

() Ball, bash, hell-around, booze-up,

pop-joy, blow one's mind

( ) Bet your fur (ass, cock)

, , To be out, to hit the hay, to turn in, to tumble in

򠠠 To bugger

. . .

, 󠠠 Gonna get off anecdote, guys

- ? Some naughty story?

- ? Some new stuff?

! It's a boff!

! That's a gag!

頠 Hairy anecdote (stale)

ࠠ It's a jape

렠 You've hacked everything

 You're a lot of noise (a bum)

򠠠 Keep the party clean

You (just) go off half-cock

, You're clever-clever

() Nothing but a clot you are

! That's a chin (chutzpah)

? Why do you chin?

. . Don't bubble over. It's a cod.

렠 You took a (big) potshot at him. You

boffed him out.

You gave him a (really) bad time

, 堠 I brought him down not to bad-mouth me

( )

󠠠 That's an up

頠 You got in my hair with your scrap

ࠠ You ain't got a funny-bone

You're quick on the draw

Too much jump all over me

() ꠠ You're a feisty guy

렠 You did a (good) number on my head

! ! Yuk. Shit. Scumbag.

! Cut it off (Stop your woffle)

, 젠 Goop. Pushy

ࠠ Outcrop


頠 Bent

, , To bend smb's ear, to drag, to bug smb,

to get in smb's hair

To fickle, to fuck with smb

蠠 Don't hand me that crap! Don't fuck with


- (, To fault smb for smth, to jump all over

) smb


() Buck

򠠠 Pack (of cards)

蠠 Spades

蠠 Hearts



砠 Ace


ࠠ Queen (Dame)

򠠠 Jack

蠠 Trumps

ࠠ Lay

砠 Bullet

򠠠 Nob

蠠 To deal, to make (strike) a bargain

蠠 To mark up

蠠 To mark down

ꠠ To go down

, , ࠠ Con game, dipsy-doodle, dirty pool

, ꠠ Con man, sharpie

Bluff, four-flush

ࠠ Head or tails

Cold deck

To make

蠠 Let's play cards

()? Have you a buck?

- 堠 Let's play some muggling

? Who can explain me the name of the game?

򠠠 We need two pack of cards

? Who makes? (shuffles)

Deal the cards

󠠠 I'm already on nettles

젠 Wing it

䠠 Your turn

Gotta mull it over (gotta churn)

What crappy (yukki) cards I've got

, 򠠠 I smoke they'll axe you

, 젠 Yeah, it's a strong meat

It's a last straw

 Flying start


蠠 We've outgunned them

- That's a mock-up

렠 You've loused up everything on me

, , 蠠 It's a passing-bell. We've lost

I'm left with egg on my face

I poop out

You're pulling my nose (leg)

렠 You chicken out?

󠠠 That's an up! (Right on!)

, 렠 Buzzard, it's a bailout.

You're on the ball today

 Bull point

蠠 We got a brownie-point

-, ꠠ I think (seems) we'll go down

It's on the cards

, ? Am I a can carrier?

렠 I've catched them out

 I chill (it)

ࠠ You've got a (real) belfry!

, 򠠠 And that's a clanger

! Not much chops

젠 We'll win in a waltz

! Churn (a bit)!

렠 I choked

蠠 Now we're on the mat

򠠠 Take my tip

, ! No go

򠠠 Let'em all come

堠 They've got a cold deck

-, Doggon, he does in the eye

ࠠ He sharps in the corner

I wouldn't be hustled

, ? You went gaga?

, 蠠 Kiddo, you'll be on the hook

! Everything is galling west

ࠠ Your number goes up!

I'm nobody's fool

󠠠 Fix me with a card

You lose ever and anon

? What a scumbag (bullshit) you gave

(dealt) me!

-  Zap, and it's down

, ( , 蠠 Zonk!


, ... Whosit, whatsisface

(High) Time we unwinded (we gotta unwind)

! Whee!

젠 Zip!

렠 You tossed out a zinger. (Zinger)

It's a doodle (jammy)

 I fault myself for doing it

󠠠 I owe you a great deal (a favour)

ࠠ Some (a good) quite a/not a few (cards)

Don't father it on me

ꠠ You're not much chops of a player

You create about money

󠠠 That's for the good

렠 Neck or nothing

堠 Cold comfort

, , To pull one's leg (nose), to carve up, to cream, to hum, to work a hype on smb

() Buck-passer, hand-dog, chicken

() To poop out, to chicken out, to get tizzy

蠠 Don't hand me that crap! Don't fickle me!

Don't fuck with me!

To click, to come unstuck, to be on the

mat, to drop a clanger

蠠 Up to teeth (up to the neck)

, , To bug smb, to drag, to bend smb's ears,

to get into smb's hair

? To much jump all over me

, 頠 Feisty

, Yuk. Shit. Scumbag.

! Cut it off! Enough! Done with it!


Feel like refreshing my inner man

-, Gotta put on the feedbag

ꠠ I know an out-of-sight(hummer) dive here

? Why hold back ?

 Donna have much bread

( , ) I'm out-of-pocket

( ) I pay (I'm cashed up today)

? Whom do you camp (do the grand) for ?

 Gonna finagle him out of C-note

(hundred roubles)

󠠠 Think we'll fress freebee

󠠠 The meal was a freebee

頠 Very cagey of you

񠠠 This sap give me runs

ꠠ Crappy (yukki) dinlay (hell-hole)

򠠠 They cook sleezy here

 Fab wine (zingy juice)

? Gonna (plan to) zonk me ?

( , He's allready chuffed


 It wigs me out

? Let's kill a bottle

? What about taking a nip ?

, I'll kick off if I don't hair

񠠠 Hummer

ꠠ One for the road (Another one for belt)

? How can you drink that bummer ?

򠠠 Don't chugalug beer

I'm allready dried-out (I've crashed)

 You indulge too much

㠠 We were drunk to premises

ࠠ Sank in a helluva money (a hell lot of


, Didn't stop hitting the sauce till we


ࠠ You're an overeater

- Soon you'll be a fatso-fressing like


- This sap is half-done; I bet

() Gotta catlick my hands (face)

렠 A good wodge you grabbed

렠 That fucking pourman surely clipped us

堠 Chin-chin; cheers

Dip; dipso; juicer; saucer; tosspot;


To hit the sauce; to indulge

, ࠠ Sauce; Juice

, To be on the sauce; to be on the bash

To vomit; to upchuck; to barf

ࠠ Overeater; gutler

𠠠 Usher

頠 Pourman

, To get loaded; to lubricate; to be

drunk to premises; to be drunk galleywest; to see snakes

, , Bagged; laid-out; drunk; bombed;

crocked; glazed; zonked; smashed;


To ball; to bash; to booze-up; to make

a hell around

蠠 Bread; jack; fish; tin; clam; clods

젠 Call-house; case (house); cathouse

( ), To clip; to fiddle; to outfox; to

to finagle; to beat out (of money)

, 頠 Fatso; fozy

ࠠ Freebee (freebie); hummer

To gut; to wolfe; to gorge; to tuck in;

to fress; to glut; to mouth; to tuck

away; to gobble up; to bolt; to munch Hell-hole; den; clip-joint , ࠠ You're welcome

ࠠ Fress; tuck; sap

ꠠ Convive

ꠠ Ritz; chick; chi-chi; kaif

, 󠠠 Corp; nosh

, 頠 Tipsy

頠 Nosh-up

! Whee ! Nuts !

- ( ) Easy come - easy go

() I'm off the sauce; I kicked; I swore

off drink; cold-turkey


To put on the feedbag; to have a nosh

() Jolt

To be into juice

렠 Money left not enough to swear by


堠 In one's off

To unwind; to relax

頠 Stinky; stinking

ࠠ Gob


堠 I've got a dream about to buy a choker


, - That's a buzzbug; I reckon

- Some gismo

? You have a driblion; don't you ?

, ⠠ A pair of C-notes

... May I trouble you for giving me ...

... Try it on

򠠠 This shoes are not for my gam

? How does it strike you ?

() I don't half like it

 That's a schlock

It's a chi-chi

ࠠ It's a (most on) fash

򠠠 Hummer; jake

𠠠 Pricey

It's got-cheap

頠 The make is cod

You (simply) nitpick


/ 堠 Come on; it's not the only pebble on

the beach

ࠠ It's a duck (forgery)

Real pure Simon

? Why are you dressed like a dog's dinner?

頠 You look duded up; wearing it

󠠠 It's chickly

頠 You're finicky

򠠠 It's a try-on

Very comfy

It's pricey

⠠ A cool hundred dollars

蠠 They marked up again

() 󠠠 Mark down

򠠠 They flog it

() I'll corner it

 Hundred roubles ice

ꠠ News at first hand

! Pay on the nail

? Are you cashed up ?

蠠 I pay out of pocket

, 򠠠 I'm paying in my track

! You rocked me!

? It's a send-up ?

젠 We yo-yo back and forth shopping all

day long

, , Schlock; bummer; ziltch; turd; dog; yuk;

junk; junkie; not much chops; garbage , ࠠ Cheeziness; worth ziltch 堠 Clobber

, ꠠ Ritz; cool; chick; chi-chi; hummer

, , ࠠ Doodad; gismo; job; huckey

頠 Dolled up; duded up; dressed up like a

dog'a dinner

To flog; to corner smth

To put on (cloy); to do the grand; to

be nut; to swash

頠 In vogue; fash; inthing; gear

-󠠠 No frills

頠 Second-hand

ࠠ Sale

- - To fast talk smb into doing smth


? Are you ready for the mug ?

! (-) Touch wood ! (Keep your fingers crossed)

? You believe in omens ?

𠠠 I had a mike all the term

- () That's a cockammamie (of a mug)

Tough exam

ࠠ Strong meat of a mug

젠 Don't go (run) circle

( )

- 砠 If I plough - they'll kiss me off (give

ࠠ me a kiss off)

-蠠 You just have a bash (nob)

򠠠 You've got a belfry

⠠ There are some questions passing-belief

(beyond my mind)

, I have a gut feeling (I smoke) - I'll

make a boo-boo (boob)

Don't poor-mouth

() I had a helluva gig this week

㠠 Wasn't out for five minutes

! You're a real mug (dogsbody)

? Did you mug up everything

I think I'll go off nuts on that dottage

蠠 I'm cheezed off

() - You only try to woffle - the'll crab you

󠠠 I couldn't even tumble to it

? Wanna me unscramble it ?

? ( ?) Has the penny dropped ?

. (.) The penny drops

ꠠ A real cobweb in my head

蠠 And your fella will never flush

렠 He climbed on his father (coat) tail

򠠠 He'll finagle a degree also

 That's cold (You have a case)

󠠠 He genned up about this and that

ꠠ He's a golden boy

, ? You've said his father is a nob ?

ꠠ But he's nothing but a lagger

󠠠 I flush him. I slight over him

, If I plough I'll get to condition in

堠 the cold

蠠 I will answer off the cuff

, Cheezit; he can catch you out

堠 I'm wised-up

, I hope you'll pass (mug)

ꠠ You're not a cake-eater like me


ࠠ Nob; a big noise

( , Clever-clever; passing-belief; beyond

) one's mind

, , ࠠ Belfry; nob

, , 򠠠 Cake-eater; bone-idle

, , To chicken; to go (run) circle; to


, , 𠠠 Cockammamie; codswablop; crud

To fink out; to boob; to flub

頠 Crash

頠 Cod

, , To gun (for smth); to go overboard

To bunk off

- To put a hex on smb

, ࠠ Strong meat

, 򠠠 Condition; due

, To crab; to nitpick; to niggle; to find

fault with smb

 It turned up trumps

() Hut; dorm; hole; hostel


... ? Wanna go to the ... group session ?

, , 頠 Seems to be a real bind

() 󠠠 I hate this a-go-go

It's my bag

, - It's much better that some beauty comps

or clever-clever (chi-chi) movies

⠠ I like hair-raisers

? ꠠ You forget the time. We'll be late in

󠠠 the field

, 堠 Hope we'll get the tickets in the track

, ? How do you find it ?

() I get it

򠠠 I het up about it

蠠 I flip over this song

() He belt out the song gutsy

! ! ! That's a hummer

() And you dumped them on

堠 He plays the amp all right (cool, funky)

() 頠 That axe gives me creeps

(, )

-, ࠠ They simply collect eyes, I think

( )

젠 They've got (hit) a jackpot

, , , To go ape about/over smth, smb; to kvell;to flip over smth to have a field-

day with smth; to get smth ࠠ (The most) in group , 㠠 Gasser; hummer , , To dump on; to chew out - ( To be a fool for smth -)

⠠ Spooky films; hair-raiser

- It's his bag; he fixates on it; he hets

up about it

򠠠 Fan

, 頠 Addball

, Boff; hoot

頠 Kinky


, 򠠠 Expendables

Conscript; demobee dogface

, To demob

To join the army

To finagle oneself out of army

() Eyes left (right)

 Attention

 Dismissed

() To swing the lead

- () Hep-two

, ࠠ Clink; cooler

To corner; to hit the hump

"" To whip out

ꠠ Goof-off

To skive

蠠 To collect brownie-points

() To go overboard

( ) To gun for

() Can-do; cookie-pusher


, , , 蠠 Cops; narks; fuzz; gumshoes

, A big noise; nob; mob; don; honcho; boss

ࠠ Schlemiel

, ࠠ Schmuck; cosh (boy)

, 蠠 Beat out of money

, , 蠠 To burn rubber; to lam; to belt; to

flake out; to hare (away); to nip away;

to hightail; to run/scuttle into

woodwork; to wing (it); to bugger; to

take it on the lam

, ꠠ Buck-passer; chicken; weaksisler

, , , To bust; to copper; to knock; to nip

ꠠ Butch; pushy; jork

ꠠ Lagger

ࠠ Dash; pad; boodle

To poop out

, , To chicken to run (go) circle; to clutch


() To poop

, ꠠ Pot-head; freak; hashhead; junkie; head

druggy; drugster

To be on the lam; to hole up

 Lam

, ࠠ Dogfight; yammer; ruckus; aggro; bower;

prang; beatup

- To kiss smb off; to give smb a kiss off;

to axe smb

, 頠 Back-sheet; heavy

򠠠 Back-sheet abortion

(), ꠠ Bag; joint; cock-tail; jay

, , ࠠ Bin; booby; natch

젠 Cathouse; case; callhouse

 Bitchiness

, 젠 Bombed; high; jonked; charged up

, -, To make one's bones; to bust; to bounce;

to cool; to give smb a deep-six; to ice;

to shellac

() Grass; hash; hemp; scag; boo

, , -, To bounce; to clock; to conk; to give

堠 smb a good going over; to hummer home;

to swipe

, , To aggro; to bower

, , ꠠ Chewers; pearly gates

蠠 To bugger

, , To buy the farm; to call off all hets;

, to crease it; to tip over the porch; to

kick off; to quit it

젠 To be on the bum

栠 Hobo

ࠠ Scam

() Campy

Canary; cooper; grass

- To grass smb; to cooper smb

"", 栠 Caper; heist

, , 젠 To carve

() To chance one's arm

( ) Ice; clonck

頠 Clued

ꠠ Clutch; creep

To clutch

ꠠ Con

(, ) To father (murder, robbery) on smb


堠 To conk smb

󠠠 To cop a plea

! ! 堠 Cool it


To cough

𠠠 Creep; robber


To be up in a creek; to be on the mat;

to come unstuck; to be in a bind

, , To dash

堠 Deadpan

To hit the deck

, ࠠ To give smb a deep-six

ꠠ Deep-six; capper galley-west; curtain

, Dipsy-doodle

 To drop out (of sight)

, 蠠 Dropout; freak

, 𠠠 Fatcat

蠠 (To carry) feet first

- To flake out

- To run/fall afoul of smb

To create a flap

, , Everything is galley-west

, To get off; to get on; to hit the bottom;

to get high; to hop up

򠠠 Ghoul

, 頠 Gimpy

, To give a going-over; to shake down

() Goofballs; balls; pills

ࠠ Grassing

To rape

ꠠ Rapist

, 蠠 Mob; hood

젠 To be (get) hooked on

蠠 To be on the hook

蠠 To ice

( ) Ice

Ins and outs

㠠 To hit the jackpot

, ࠠ Jocker, frame

, To jostle

ꠠ Jostler

() Kink(s)

, 蠠 To dive smb kiss of death

, 堠 To shake down

Den; hell-hole; hole

(- ) To snaffle

To trail one's coat

󠠠 To look (ask) for trouble

 To turn up trumps

蠠 Marrowbones

( ) Tit for tat

To break one's neck

堠 To get it on the neck

, , , Ǡ Nip

ࠠ His number goes up

( 頠 To fight up to the last ditch


- To be dogged by smb

, Clap

, To crack a crib; to heist

, 蠠 To rip off (money)

, ࠠ Ruckus

To needle

To zap

렠 Yammer; prang

To prang; to yammer

栠 Shank; shiv


ࠠ Yes; yeah; yeap

򠠠 No

 Of course; sure; certainly

ꠠ Cinch; cert; sure thing

,  Cool; gas; funky; cold

堠 By no means

,  Exactly; that's it; that's cold; you

have a case

 That's true; true

 Perhaps (so)

򠠠 Perhaps not

 Very likely

, O'kay; all right; deal

 That's right; right you are

, I think so; it seems to me

, 򠠠 I don't think so

As you like

If you like

,  I see; it's clear

򠠠 Not yet

򠠠 This one

򠠠 Not this one

򠠠 That one

򠠠 Not that one

ꠠ This way

ꠠ That's the way I like it (better)

( )

ꠠ Not this way

蠠 These

蠠 Not these

堠 Those

堠 Not those

Here; it's here

Not here; it's not here

젠 There; it's there

젠 Not there; it's not there

񠠠 Now

񠠠 Not now

,  Right now; right away

,  At once

() Everything

() Not everything

堠 Everybody

堠 Not everybody

頠 Everyone

堠 Everywhere

 Nothing

 Nothing of the kind

蠠 To a certain-extent

 Nobody

,  No one

堠 Nowhere

ࠠ Never

蠠 Almost

蠠 Hardly

Here we are !

 Very nice

Nice to meet you

 Not bad

 Not half bad

, 򠠠 That'll do; enough

򠠠 That won't do

䠠 I'm very glad

(- ), I'm very pleased

, ࠠ It doesn't matter; never mind

( ) No matter. I don't care

 No go; no use; it's no use

젠 No problem

I don't know

I haven't the slightest idea

I don't (quite) agree with you

I quite agree with you

I don't mind

, ⠠ I think you are right

It seems to me

堠 Somehow or other

ꠠ I'm used (to it)

, 頠 No doubt about it

堠 That's all

젠 Good riddance

 Cheezit

, Be careful

ꠠ Keep your tongue

Forget it; it's gone and done with

堠 Leave me alone; let me be

, 򠠠 Take it, or leave it

... Let alone ...

-젠 It remains to be seen

򠠠 Who knows; God knows

() Let me think

Let me see

- ( , Some words more (along the line

) mentioned)

蠠 By the way

堠 By way of addition

, 򠠠 By the grapewine

? Are you sure ?

, Sure

() So do I; so am I

() Nor do I

() ? Are you laughing upon me ? Are you

making fun of me ?

? ( ?) Are you with us ?

? Who's turn ?

( ) Let me go

(It) makes no difference

 (It) makes all the difference (in the


򠠠 Not at all; don't mention

젠 With pleasure

() ? How come ?

 To beat about the boosh

In a nutshell

( ) Let me know

( ) Skip it (Don't pay attention)

Take it easy

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